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EUP approve book proposal on Norway and Scotland

by on 2013/08/08

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am happy to announce that Edinburgh University Press approved our proposal for a book on the comparative development of Scotland and Norway since around 1800, but also covering differences in some key pre-conditions. The book has a number of authors from Norway and Scotland, and a few other from elsewhere. It is edited and partly authored by myself as lead author, Ottar Brox, and Lesley Riddoch.

The proposed chapters are:-

  1. Introduction, Scope and Purpose. The Editors
  2. Historical background: The similarities and differences between Scotland and Norway before 1800: preconditions for differential development. (Barbara Crawford)
  3. Towards a theory of divergent economic, political, and social development since the 18th Century: Norway and Scotland. (John Bryden and Ottar Brox)
  4. The Development of Politics and Political Structures: Scotland after the Union and the impact of Norway’s independence from Denmark and Sweden:  The modern evolution of Political Systems in Norway and Scotland. (Øivind Bratberg and Nik Brandal)
  5. Land Ownership and Occupation, Rights to Natural Resources, and Agriculture in Norway and Scotland. (Agnar Hegrenes and John Bryden)
  6. The Emergence of Local Government and Governance in Scotland and Norway after 1800. (John Bryden, Paddy Bort, Karen Refsgaard)
  7. Industrialisation in Scotland and Norway in the 19th and 20th Centuries. This chapter will also cover a comparison between the development of North Sea Oil in Norway and Scotland. (Ottar Brox and John Bryden).
  8. Money and Banking in Norway and Scotland from 1825 (Keith Hart and John Bryden).
  9. Religion in Scotland and Norway. Although introduced in Chapter 2, a fully developed chapter covering the modern period is necessary. (Author under discussion.)
  10. Taxation and the evolution of the Welfare System in Norway and Scotland (Author under consideration)
  11. Access, Nature, Culture and the Great Outdoors – Norway and Scotland (Lesley Riddoch).
  12. The evolution of public education systems in Norway and Scotland. Public Education and Child Care, Folk High Schools and the Culture Schools (Bronwyn Cohen and Wenche Røenning)
  13. The differential impacts of the two World Wars and the Cold War on Norway and Scotland. (Tore Tingvold Petersen))
  14. Conclusions: Why Norway and Scotland are so different today. (John Bryden, Ottar Brox and Lesley Riddoch)


This book is about how the development of two small countries at the north of Europe, whose histories were intertwined from the second half of the first Millennium AD, and whose economic, social, cultural and political structures had certain similarities in the early and late Mediaeval periods, nevertheless diverged sharply in economic, social, political and other ways from the 18th Century on. What can we learn from the Norwegian and Scottish development paths over the past 200 years about the conditions for ‘alternative’ political and policy development, and therefore for the future of a possibly independent Scotland after the referendum in Autumn 2014?


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  1. Well we got the contract from EUP last friday, and its now going the rounds of the editors. Now the challenge is to get it finished over the winter and early spring.

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