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Charlotte Wilkinson in ‘Pouncer’

by on 2015/06/19

Charlotte Wilkinson in ‘Pouncer’.

From → Rural policy

  1. Charlotte arrived safely in Arkhangelsk yesterday, having had a good sail in the Barents Sea from Varde in Finnmark, Norway. She said they had a great welcome, with the coastguard escorting them from the first fairway buoy in the White sea, which still leaves a long distance through the delta and up the river to the Northern Yacht Club in Arkhangelsk (which was started pre-revolution as I remember). That is the toughest part of the sail over, and we are all very happy about it!

  2. Charlotte and I are giving a talk about out voyages through (and to and from) Russia in 2014 and 2015 at the Cruising Association, Limehouse Basin, London early March 2016!

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