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Why the ECB-IMF led troika will never solve the economic problems of Greece (or other countries)

by on 2016/10/02

Michael Hudson, “Review of James Galbraith, Welcome to the Poisoned Chalice (2016) Yale University Press”, realworld
economics review, issue no. 76, 30 September 2016, pp. 124-128,

Click to access Hudson-2-76.pdf

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  1. I see that there is an article on Greece’s situation in the fT today which confirms the view that the austerity prescription meted out by the IMF-EU Troika has simply made everything worse – everything in this context including debt, the education system, health system and government in general. This was predicted by James Galbraith and by Mike Small in an article I reproduced last year. But it was also the point of Varufakis who was largely deserted by the party when things came to a head with the Troika.
    Again and again we see that the powerful will never give away power to weaker factions. Power needs to be fought for. Like those weak leaders in NRK (Norwegian broadcasting) who send internal memos to their journalists to tone down critique of Trump, like Theresa.May’s weasily words over Trump, like those in Scotland who do not want to stand arm to arm with their fellows who want to remain in the EU and thereby separate from English power, actions speak louder than words. People who care must lead the fight against such things, but where are they?

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