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Scottish Parliament Elections, May 6th 2021

by on 2021/05/03

These are the first elections since Brexit, which the Scottish people did not vote for (over 60% voted against). As an historic independent nation, taken into Union by England against the will of most Scots in 1707, the Scots have been deeply offended by Brexit which is at it roots a product of English nationalism of the worst kind, and which ignored the wishes and votes of the Scottish people and businesses. The Scots are doubly offended, because none of the recent Westminster governments, and indeed very few governments since electoral reforms of the mid 19th Century, have reflected the majority of votes in Scotland, and we most often get governments we are totally opposed to. This situation is made worse by the “first past the past” electoral system in the UK, which the Scots do not have in their own devolved Parliament, or in their local government elections, and which they do not wish for.

The elections on May 6th are not in and of themselves about Scottish independence, but the parties favouring independence look set to win a healthy majority, and they are committed to holding a second referendum on Scottish independence within the life of the next parliament.

In the event of Independence, the Scots would wish to rejoin the EU, and many European people and politicians have lent support to this. Many in the Nordic countries in particular wish Scotland to join as a member to help re-balance the political interests in the EU, and add weight to the human values of social democracy, equality and welfare, global peace and security and free movement of people. To this end, a petition has been launched at Europe for Scotland ( that you can sign and give support to.

I am asking all friends who read this blog to sign as soon as possible.

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