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International Rural Network (IRN)

International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Programme (ICRPS)

The Arkleton Trust

The QUCAN Partnership

The University of Aberdeen

The University of the Highlands and Islands

Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India

The Journal of Rural and Community Development (JRCD)

OECD and Renewable Energy


(Coming soon. Bryden, JM. NILF publications)

Some of my recent presentations
My recent presentations have focused on Rural Policy in the EU, Renewable Energy as a rural development prospect, Rural-Urban Equivalence and Human Rights, Understanding Differential Rural Economic Performance, and Rural Innovation.

Non-work dimensions of my life (brief!)
I am happily married to Dr Karen Refsgaard, have four great adult children from my first marriage, two wonderfully eccentric and energetic grand-daughters, and two great ‘bonus’ teenagers from my present marriage! I love ski touring in the long Nordic winters, and sailing in the Nordic summers, especially in the far north.  I enjoy playing piano, and hearing others sing, and play fiddle and piano as well as other instruments. I am especially a blues, folk and jazz man when it comes to music!

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