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International Rural Network (IRN)

The IRN is an international association of educators, practitioners, scholars and professionals engaged in rural and remote health, education, community and economic development. It aims to foster networking of these groups at local, regional and international levels, and so to raise the international visibility of rural issues. It is a non-profit organization, legally established in Canada, and having no corporate or other sponsorship, although it has fund raising campaigns for its conferences and forums. It has no paid officers, being based on voluntary commitment of the Board and Membership.  In other words, it is poor but honest!

I am privileged to be President of the IRN, which is an honorary position. I was elected Chairman of the IRN from its formal establishment in 2003 until its last gathering in Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2009. I was also invited as a speaker to its two conferences in Australia (1994) and Canada (1980) before it became established, although my Mother’s illness prevented me getting to Australia in 1994. I also organized the 2001 Arkleton Trust seminar where many IRN members gathered to plan the 2003 conference in Scotland, and the 2003 conference in Inverness.  I played a role in organizing the 2005 Conference with RUPRI in the USA, and in helping to get the 2009 forum to be held in India

The IRNs next international Forum will be held in Whyalla, South Australia, hosted by the University of South Australia’s Centre for Rural Health and Community Development. The forum will be held from Monday 24th – Friday 28 September 2012 at the University of South Australia’s Centre for Regional Engagement, Whyalla Campus.

All enquiries about the Forum can be sent to:

For further information see:

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  1. I am kanyike Andrew graduated in Environment Management,and post graduate Diploma in Integrated rural planning and worked on number of rural community based projects in Uganda. I am am member candidate to IRN .I do support your efforts and hope to gain more competence in the sector through IRN coferences and publications.

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