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The University of the Highlands and Islands

A new networked University established after many years of preparation and angst, as well as campaigning for a regional University in this most remote and rural region of the UK. Thanks to the efforts of Philomena de Lima, the University created a very small policy research institute in 2004 to track the impact of policies and propose better policies for the region. I became its part time Director after retiring from Aberdeen, and until moving to Norway in 2008. During this period I presided over a proposal to create a collaborative Scottish Academy of Rural Policy (SARP) as well as being Secretary of the Rural Committee of the Scottish Parliament. The original name of the Institute was ‘UHI PolicyWeb’, which was seen as misleading as to its real activities, so it was later changed to ‘The UHI Policy Research Institute for Remote and Rural Regions’. The Institute is now Directed by Philomena de Lima.

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