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John M. Bryden
BSc (Hons) Pol Econ, PhD
Emeritus Professor, University of Aberdeen
President, International Rural Network

address: Kilehagen 8, 1430 Ås, Norway
mobile: 0047 450 18 420
John Bryden

  1. Sue Briggs permalink

    John – as you are out of the country (being Scotland!) I wondered of you were aware of the Scottish Community Alliance – brings together leading community sector networks promoting the work of local people in their communities and influencing national policy development. Has agreat fortnightly circular worth scanning – Sue Briggs

  2. Hi John.

    We had an H&I reunion in Inverness recently and your name cropped up as being a very important missing link! In the nicest possible way. A long time from Rurtel! So pleased to see that you are doing well in Norway and still active. Many of us are retired and happily heading towards our dotage. Let me know if you plan to be back in n the Uk at any time. Would be great to catch up on 20 years.

    Take care

    Colin Pavey

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