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John Marshall BRYDEN

Associate Senior Scientist, Nordregio, Stockholm

Emeritus Professor University of Aberdeen, Scotland






ENGLISH, FRENCH, some NORWEGIAN, some DANISH and a little Spanish.



University of Glasgow. 1959-64. BSc (Hons) Political Economy.

University of the West Indies. 1964-65 Dip. Tropical Agriculture, Development Economics

University of East Anglia. PhD, Development Economics. 1973.


APPOINTMENTS (Most recent first)

2018- present Ass. Senior Scientist, NORDREGIO, Stockholm

2008-2017 Research Professor. Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Oslo (later merged into, Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research)

2004-2008 Professor and Director UHI Policy Web, Inverness, Scotland

1995-2004 Chair of Human Geography and Co-Director The Arkleton Institute for Rural Development Research, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

1980-2007 Programme Director, The Arkleton Trust, Oxford

1985-1995 Research Director, The Arkleton Trust (Research) Ltd

1972-1979 Head, Land Development Division, Highlands and Islands Development Board, Inverness

1967-1972 Lecturer in Economics and Development Economics, University of East Anglia.

1968-1970: Regional Economic Advisor, Commonwealth Caribbean (attached to the British Development Division in the Caribbean)

1965-67: Economic Assistant, Ministry of Overseas Development, London.

1965: Research Assistant, Tripartite Economic Survey of the Eastern Caribbean.


I have also been a frequent consultant to OECD on territorial rural policy and renewable energy in rural regions, participating in the background work and writing for The New Rural Paradigm (2006) and in the international project on Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development (2012). I have worked with UNEP-REN21 on Renewable Energy in the MENA countries, and with the World Bank as a consultant. I have coordinated several transnational research projects, mainly EU-funded, and also been joint initiator and participant in the joint North America-Europe Comparative Programme on Rural Policy, and the later International Comparative Rural Policy studies programme. I have been a keynote speaker at two EU Rural Development Policy conferences (Inverness and Salzburg) and Panel Member at a third (Cork 1).


Other Academic Appointments and Honours

  • Winegard Visiting Professor, University of Guelph, Canada.
  • RUPRI (Rural Policy Research Institute) Fellow, and Visiting Professor, at the Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri-Colombia, USA.
  • Visiting Scholar, Polson Institute for Global Studies, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA, 2003.
  • 2004- Emeritus Professor, University of Aberdeen, 2004-
  • 2008- Emeritus Professor, University of the Highlands and Islands, 2008-
  • 2010-11 Visiting scholar, Centre for Development Studies, Thirivanapuram, Kerala, India, 2010-11
  • Visiting Scholar, Human Economy Programme, Pretoria University, South Africa, 2013
  • ESRS Prize for ‘best article 2013-14’: Academic Freedom, Democracy and the Public Policy Process. John Bryden and Klaus Mittenzwei. Sociologia Ruralis Vol 53, Issue 3, 2013. Awarded at the ESRS congress, August 2015.



Honorary Appointments

  • Member, Scientific Committee, Innovation and Development (Journal) 2015-.
  • Member, International Advisory Committee, Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University, UK.2017-
  • President, International Rural Network, 2009-2012
  • Expert, EDORA/ESPON project on Future Opportunities for Rural Regions, 2008-2010
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Foresight Analysis of Rural Areas of Europe (FARO). EU Framework 6.
  • Affiliate member of The Open City Foundation (Brazil) and a Counsellor of the Open City International Scientific Council, 2008- .
  • Member, Scottish Rural Development Council, 2008 (resigned on move to Norway)
  • Secretary, Cross-Party Group on Rural Policy, Scottish Parliament, 2005-2008
  • Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Rural Community Development.
  • Member, Advisory and Consultative Group, European Wide Citizen’s Participation Pilot Project: European Citizens’ Panel: European Citizens Produce An Informed Say On The Roles Of Rural Areas In European Societies. AEIDL and Others, Brussels, 2006-
  • Member, Rural Policy Stakeholders Group, Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department
  • Chairman (elected 2003) International Rural Network Board
  • Committee Member, New Opportunities Fund’s Scottish Land Fund. May 2000-06
  • Member, International Advisory Committee, The Polson Institute for Global Studies, Cornell University, USA, 2001-
  • Member, International Advisory Council, Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, Canada, 2001-05
  • Deputy-Chairman, Leirsinn Advisory Board, (Gaelic Research Centre, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Skye. 1997- 2004
  • Member, Policy Advisory Board, Foundation for Polish Agriculture 1998-2003
  • External Advisor, Land Reform Policy Group, Scottish Office, 1997-99
  • External Advisor, Inter-Departmental Committee for Rural Affairs, Scottish Office, 1997-99
  • Coordinator of final phase of the Changing Farm Economies sub-programme, Joint Agriculture and Environment Programme (JAEP) of ESRC, NERC and ABRC, 1992-3.
  • Member, Research Centres Board, Economic and Social Research Council (UK), 1992-95


Key Publications

(a) Books and Chapters

Bryden JM (1973) Tourism and Development. Cambridge University Press 1973.

Bryden JM and Houston, G (1976) Agrarian Change in the Scottish Highlands. [with G Houston] . Glasgow Series in Economic and Social Research 4. Martin Robertson.

Bryden JM, Bassand, M., Brugger, E., Friedmann, J., Stuckey, B., (eds) (1985) Self-Reliant Development for a New Europe: Theory, Practice, Conflicts. Joint editor and contributor. Gower Press.

Bryden JM and Scott, I (1990) The Celtic fringe: state-sponsored versus indigenous local development initiatives in Scotland and Ireland. Chapter 4 in Stohr, W B: Global Challenge and Local response: Initiatives for Economic Regeneration in Contemporary Europe. The United Nations University and Mansell Press, 1990.

Bryden JM,  C. Bell, J. Gilliatt, E. Hawkins and N. MacKinnon (1993) Farm Household Adjustment in Western Europe 1987-1991. Final report to the EC Commission on the research programme on farm structures and farm household pluriactivity. December 1992. Published by EC Commission in its “Research Series” in 1993 in English and French.

Bryden JM (1994) Interactions between Farm Households and the Rural Community. Chapter in Dent and MacGregor: Rural and Farming Systems Analysis, European Perspectives. CAB International.

Bryden, J (1994) Towards Sustainable Rural Communities. Edited papers from the Winegard seminar series. Published in English and French. University of Guelph, Ontario. Later published in Japanese by the Rural Development Institute, Tokyo.

Bryden, JM (1996) (with Rennie, F and Fuller, A M) Implications of the Information Highway for Rural Development and Education. The Arkleton Trust, Oxford, 1996.

Bryden, J M (1996) Land Tenure and Rural Development. The 1996 John McEwen Lecture on Land Tenure in Scotland, September 1996. Rural Forum Scotland and AK Bell Library, Perth

Bryden J (1997) (Joint editor and contributor, with R Bollman)  Rural Employment:  an International Perspective. CAB International, 1997.

Bryden, J with A M Fuller and W van den Bor (1997) Re-thinking Rural Human Resource Management: The impact of globalisation and rural restructuring on rural education and training in Western Europe. NL Mansholt Institute, Mansholt Studies 10.

Bryden, JM and Dawe, SP (1999) Competitive Advantage in the Rural Periphery: Re-defining the Global-Local Nexus  in Lithwick, H and Gradus, Y (1999) Developing Frontier Cities: Global Perspectives, Regional Contexts. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

Bryden, J and M Shucksmith (2000) The Concept of Sustainability in relation to agriculture and rural development in the European Union. In Van den Bor, Holen, Wals and Filo (eds.) Integrating Concepts of Sustainability into Education for Agriculture and Rural Development. Peter Lang, Frankfurt. 2000.

Bryden JM and Hart, JK (2000) Land reform, planning and people: an issue of stewardship?  Chapter 7 in Holmes, G and Crofts, R (Eds) Scotland’s Environment: Resetting the Agenda?  Tuckwell Press 2000[ISBN: 1 86232 162 0]

Bryden, JM (2002) Aspects of individual farm development and rural development in Western Europe. In Sedik, David, ed., Individual Farms in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, 2002.

Bryden, J and Hart JK (2004) A New Approach to Rural Development in Europe: Germany, Greece, Scotland, Sweden. The Edwin Mellen Press.

Bryden, J (2006) Editing and a Substantive Introduction of: Brox, Ottar: The Political Economy of Rural Development. Modernisation without centralisation: (With Robert Storey). Eburon, NL. 2006

Bryden J and Refsgaard, K (2007) The Concept of Multifunctionality and its relationship with the New Rural Development Policy Paradigm in Europe. Chapter in Bruno Jean (ed) Multifunctionality.

Bryden, JM (2008)From an Agricultural to a Rural Policy in Europe: Changing Agriculture, Farm Households, Policies and Ideas.Chapter in Stewart, PJ and Strathern, AJ  “Landscape, Heritage, and Conservation: Farming Issues in the European Union”  (University of Pittsburgh)

Bryden, J (with Tom Johnson and Karen Refsgaard) (2009) Modelling Economic Systems. Chapter in Model-Based Approaches to Learning: Using Systems Models and Simulations to Improve Understanding and Problem Solving in Complex Domains, Editors Patrick Blumschein, Johannes Stroebel, Woei Hung & David Jonassen. Sense Publishers Rotterdam Netherlands.

Bryden J M and Refsgaard, K (2009) TOP-MARD Problematique, Structure and Progress –the Case of Norway: Authors: John Bryden; Karen Refsgaard. In Piorr, A and Müller, K (eds) … Rural Landscapes and Agricultural Policies in Europe. Springer.

Bryden JM and Geisler C (2010) Community-Based Land Reform: Lessons from Scotland and Reflections on Stewardship. Chapter for Davis, John Emmeus (Ed.) The Community Land Trust Reader: Roots and Branches of the CLT Movement  Published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge, MA).

Bryden, J M (2011) Chapter on Local Development in The Human Economy, edited by Keith Hart, Jean-Louis Laville and Antonio David Cattani.  Polity Press, Cambridge.

Bryden, JM., Efstratoglou, S., Johnson, TG., Ferenczi, T.,Knickel, K.,  Refsgaard, K., Thomson, KJ. Eds. (2011) Towards Sustainable Development in Rural Europe: Using System Dynamics to Explore the Relations between Farming, Environment, Regional Economies, and Quality of Life.NewYork, Routledge.

Bryden, JM and Warner, ME (2012) Policy Affecting Rural People, economies, Communities. In Shucksmith, M., Brown DL., Shortall, S., Vergunst, J and Warner, ME (eds) Rural Transformations  and Rural Policies in the US and the UK. New York, Routledge.

Bryden, J M., Brox, O., Riddoch, L (March 2015) Northern Neighbours: Scotland and Norway since 1800. Edinburgh University Press.

Bryden, JM (Dec 2016)  Renewable Energy for Food production, Challenges and Opportunities. In Amer, KM., Adeel, Z., Böer, B., and Saleh, W (eds) Water, Energy, and the Food Security Nexus in the Arab Region. Springer.

Bryden J., Mantino, F (2017f) Rural Policy in Europe (2017). Chapter 5 in Willi Meyers and Tom Johnson (eds) Policies for Agricultural Markets and Rural Economic Activity. Vol 1 in Josling, T (Ed) Handbook of International Food and Agricultural Policies (4 Vols.) World Scientific Press.

John M. Bryden, Jordi Rosell Foxà, and Lourdes Viladomiu(2019) What is rural? The historical evolution of rural typologies in Europe. Ch.3. In Matteo Vittuari, John Devlin, MarcoPagani, and Thomas G Johnson (Eds). The Routledge Handbook of Comparative Rural Policy  

John M. Bryden and Karen Refsgaard (2019)  Grounded innovation in the rural bioeconomy. Ch.28. In Matteo Vittuari, John Devlin, Marco  Pagani, and Thomas G Johnson (Eds). The Routledge Handbook of Comparative Rural Policy  

John M. Bryden  (2019)  Rural policy in Europe.  Ch 33 . In Matteo Vittuari, John Devlin, Marco Pagani, and Thomas G Johnson (Eds). The Routledge Handbook of Comparative Rural Policy  


(b)          Published Articles:


Bryden, JM and Faber, M (1971) Multiplying the Tourist Multiplier.  Social and Economic Studies, March 1971.

Bryden, JM (1982) Agriculture and Regional Development in Europe:  A Case Study of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  Invited paper for the Third Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Belgrade, September 1981.  Published in Manchester Papers in Development(1982).

Bryden, JM (1981) Appraising a regional development programme – The case of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. European Review of Agricultural Economics, No 8 1981 475-497..

Bryden JM (1990) Policies Necessary to Promote Multiple Job-holding: A Rural Development Perspective.  Paper presented at Council of Europe European Campaign for the Countryside.  Symposium on Multiple Job-holding amongst Rural Families, Bad Hersfeld, Germany, September 1988.  Published by Council of Europe 1988 (in English and German), and also by The Arkleton Trust and Institut für ländliche Strukturforschung and der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität as part ofProceedings of Freyung-Grafenau Colloquium.  1990.

Bryden JM (1991) The Impact of 1992 on Rural Europe. Paper presented at First Seminar of Joint North American/European Exchange Programme on Rural Policy Issues, Braemar, March 1990. Published in ‘Rural Policy Issues’ (Ed: M Tracy): The Arkleton Trust, The Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies and the Canadian Agricultural and Rural Restructuring Group, August 1991. Republished by the Library of the European Commission.

Bryden JM (1990) A North West Scotland Heritage Area: Nature and Man, A Rural Development Perspective.  Invited paper presented at Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Isle of Skye, November.  Sabhal Mor Ostaig. Published in Proceedings.

Bryden JM with N. Mackinnon, C.Bell, A.M. Fuller, M.Spearman (1991) Pluriactivity, Structural Change and Farm Household Vulnerability in Western Europe. (With). Sociologia RuralisVol 31 No 1.

Bryden JM (1993) Situation and Trends in Europe’s Rural Areas. Keynote address for the First European Rural Development Conference, Inverness. July 1992. Published inproceedings, 1993.

Bryden JM (1992) Rural Change and Rural Policy in the EC. Published in LEADER Magazine 2, AEIDL, Brussels.

Bryden JM (1993) Engagement in Agriculture 1987-1991: A West European Perspective. (with Hawkins, Gilliat and MacKinnon) in Marsden & Flynn (Eds) ‘Servicing the City’, Journal of Rural Studies, Special Issue, Vol 9 No 3. 1993.

Bryden JM (1994) Prospects for Rural Areas in an enlarged European Union.  Journal of Rural Studies, IV.

Bryden, J. (1995) Scottish Agriculture 1950-1990. Scottish Tradition: Journal of the Canadian Association for Scottish Studies. Volume 20, pp 44-64.

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Bryden, J with Sproull, A., and Black J S. (1997) Telematics, rural economic development and SMEs: Some demand side evidence. Informationen zur Raumentwicklung, Bonn. Special Issue on Rural Issues.

Bryden, J and Bollman, R. (1999) Rural Employment in Industrialised Countries. Agricultural Economics,1416 1-13.

Bryden, J M and Munro, G M (2000): New Approaches to Economic Development in Peripheral Rural Regions. Scottish Geographical Journal, 116(2), 1-14.

Bryden, J and Robertson A (2004) Rural development and Food Policy in Europe. Eurohealth Vol 10 No 1 Spring 2004

Bryden, J (2006) ‘From Leader 1 to Leader+ and beyond to the Leader axis’. Special Focus in the Leader+ Magazine, No 6.

Bryden, J and Geisler, C (2007) Land Reform and Community – a ‘new wave’ land reform? Land Use Policy

Bryden, JM., Johnson, TG., Thomson, KJ., Ferenczi, T. (2011) Modelling Multifunctionality, Territorial Development, and Policy Scenarios in Rural Europe: an Alternative Perspective on CAP Reform Debates. Eurochoices.

Bryden, JM and Mittenzwei, K (2013)  “Academic Freedom, Democracy And The Public Policy Process“
Sociologia Ruralis Vol 53, Issue 3, start page 311 (winner of the ESRS ‘best article for 2013-14’ prize in 2015.

Bryden, JM, Gezelius, S and Refsgaard, K (2013)Governing Innovation for Sustainable Development: Designing creative ta focus on rural regions. . NILF Working paper 5-2013. Oslo: NILF.

Cavicchi, B., Bryden, J M and Vittuari, M (2014) A comparison of bioenergy policies and institutional frameworks in the rural areas of Emilia Romagna and Norway. Energy Policy 2014;67:355-363

Bryden, John (2016)Causes and consequences of medium and long term territorial inequalities in a European context, with a focus on rural regions. Working Paper series N° XXX. Rimisp, Santiago, Chile.

Bryden, J M and Gezelius, S  (2017) Innovation as if people mattered: Ethics and institutions for sustainable development. Special Issue on Inclusive Innovation and the Bioeceonomy, Innovation & Development.

Karen Refsgaard, John Bryden, Valborg Kvakkestad (2017) Towards Inclusive Innovation in the Forest-based Bioeconomy. In Bryden et al (Eds.) Special Issue on Grounded and Inclusive Innovation in the Bioeceonomy, Innovation & Development. Special issue. January 2017.

Bryden, JM, Gezelius, S., Refsgaard, K., Sutz, J. Eds. (2017) Grounded and Inclusive Innovation in the Bioeconomy. Special Issue, Innovation and Development. January

John Bryden, Stig Gezelius, Karen Refsgaard and Judith Sutz (2017) Inclusive innovation in the bioeconomy: Concepts and directions for research. Introduction to the Special Issue of Innovation & development on Grounded and Inclusive Innovation in the Bioeconomy.


 (e)Consultancy and Research Reports include

Fiscal Survey of St Vincent.  (with A.S. Mackintosh). 1967.

Economic Surveys and Projections of St Vincent (1967), Dominica (1967), St Kitts-Nevis (1967), Antigua (1968), British Virgin Islands (1969) and the Cayman Islands (1969).  Major Contributor.

Economic Surveys and Projections: A Methodology for the Eastern Caribbean and Dependencies.  British Development Division in the Caribbean.  1970.

Public Policies on Services to Rural Industry. Discussion paper commissioned by the OECD for an Intergovernmental meeting in Italy, June 1983.

Multiple Job Holding Amongst Europe’s Farm Families. Report on a scoping study and research proposal prepared at the request of M. Pizzuti, Deputy Director General in DG-VI, for the Commission of the European Communities, June 1985.

Diversification on Tenanted Farms:  A study based on a survey of Duchy of Cornwall Tenants.  Report for HRH The Prince of Wales (with R. Gundry, F. Williamson and M. Winter).  The Arkleton Trust.  1987.

The Future of Rural Society:  Evidence from the Arkleton Trust (Research) Ltd., on European Policies on Agricultural Structures and Rural Development. Presented to the European Communities Committee of the House of Lords, Sub-Committee D (Agriculture and Food). March 1990

New Ways of Managing Services in Rural Areas. Invited paper at Eighth meeting of national experts on rural public management, OECD, Paris, October 1990.  Published in English and French by the OECD, Technical Cooperation Division.

How Social Science can improve the design and implementation of agricultural policy in Europe in future. Consultancy report for the Economic and Social Research Council (input to their report on the Role of the Social Sciences in the future Science Framework Programme). May 1991.

Report for the Commission of the European Communities, Directorate-General for Regional Policy, on the contribution to the Europe 2000 document: Regional/Spatial Planning and Rural Development.  (Bryden et al).  December 1991.

Employment trends related to the use of advanced communications.  Exploratory Investigation. report to European Commission DG-XIII/B. Socionomics and The Arkleton Trust (Research) Ltd. Ref ERA801.DOC 12/7/1993.

Contribution to the Agriculture Sector Strategy Paper for Chile. World Bank. Confidential draft, November 1993. Final report published as ‘Chile: Strategy for Rural Areas – Enhancing Agricultural Competitiveness and Alleviating Rural Poverty.’ Report No 12776-CH, The World Bank. August 18, 1994.

Summary of main findings of the ESRC-funded projects in the Joint Agriculture and Environment Research Programme. Consultancy report prepared as coordinator for the wrap-up of ESRC-funded JAEP projects. November 1993.

Open Distance Learning and Regional Development in Rural Areas: a report for the Commission of the European Communities Task Force: Human Resources, Education, Training and Youth. With Sproull, A., Ringstead, M., Shapiro, H., Lavandeira, J-C. May 1994.

Evaluation of the Western Isles, Skye and Lochalsh LEADER project. With Shucksmith and Conway. June 1994.

Social and Economic Research on Rural Development in Western Europe. Final Report of the REAPER concerted action.  Report for the European Commission, April 1997.

(with Buciega, A). Analysis of the Views of Local Action Groups for the November Colloquium of LEADER action groups. For AEIDL and the EC. October 1997.

Towards an Integrated Rural Policy for the EU. Report for the UK Land Use Policy Group [English Nature, Countryside Commission, Countryside Council for Wales, Scottish Natural Heritage]. October 1997.

Bryden, J (Sept 1998). Sustainable Rural Development. Report for WWF European Agriculture and Regional Policy Group.

Bryden J M (1998). Rural renewal in Europe: Global tendencies and local responses. Lead article, LEADER Magazine. Quarterly Journal of the LEADER II European Programme. Brussels, Autumn 98 No. 18, pp 4-12.

Bryden J and Dawe S P (Nov 1998). Development Strategies for Remote Rural regions: What do we know so far. Keynote paper for the OECD International Conference on remote Rural Areas – developing through natural and cultural assets. Albarracin, Spain, 5-6 November 1998. Published by the OECD in 1999.

Cornish, J and Bryden, J M (1999) WWF Rural Development Projects Review: Report for WWF European Agriculture and Regional Development Team.

Bryden, J M (1999) Rural Policies in Predominantly Rural Regions of OECD Countries. A review of recent trends and issues. Commissioned paper for inter-governmental meeting, OECD Paris, October 1999. DT/TDPC/RUR(99)2, OECD Paris.

Bryden J M, Copus A, and MacLeod M (2002) European Rural Development Indicators. Report for the Final Report on Stage 1 of PAIS, for Eurostat.

With Grant, J and Munro, G (2003) Farming and Crofting in Caithness: A contemporary account of life, work, adjustments to changing conditions, problems and potential solutions. Report to the Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust.

John Bryden and Amanda Bryan. Report on the Concept of Sustainable Rural Communities, for Commission on Rural England, Nov, 2005.

John Bryden, Laurent van Depoele and Sophie Espinosa (Nov 2005) ‘Policies Releasing the Potential of Mountain and Remoter Areas of Europe’ A BACKGROUND PAPER FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF EUROMONTANA, NOVEMBER 2005.


John Bryden (2006) Substantive contributions to the OECD publication on the New Rural Paradigm, 2005-6 (TDPC/ GOV, OECD Paris)

John Bryden (2010-12) Substantive contributions to OECD publication on Linking Renewable Energy with Rural Development.

John Bryden (2013) External Consultant giving substantive contributions to UNEP-REN21: Renewable Energy in the MENA countries.


f)             Key Conference Papers  


Challenges for Rural Europe. Keynote address. European Conference of LEADER action groups ‘800 LEADERs Give their Views’, Brussels, November 1997.

Bryden J M (April 1998) The Land Reform Agenda in Scotland. Property & the Parliament Conference, Edinburgh.

Bryden, J (March 1999) Future Prospects for Rural Areas. Keynote address. Conference on Building Europe Together Carrefour Ostrobothnia, Abo Academy, Swedish Study Centre, Ostra Nylands EU-byra, Ostra Nylands Leader II, Yrkeshogskolan Sydvast. Turku, Finland,

Bryden, J : Current Issues in European Rural development and Europe’s position on the WTO trade talks. Seminar for Federal Government officials, Agriculture Canada, Ottowa, November 1999.

Bryden, J : Local Actors and Public Intervention. Keynote Paper, International Symposium sur l’economie des terroirs. Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada, November 1999.

John Bryden: Post-Enlargement Agricultural Policy. Lead Presentation at a Seminar organised by Professor Laurent van Depoele for the Belgian Foreign Ministry and the Royal Institute for International Affairs, Brussels, The University Institute, September 2001

John Bryden: Aspects of individual farm development and rural development in Western Europe. Keynote Paper for the FAO Seminar on Individual Farms in CEE and CIS Countries, Budapest, 28-29 September 200

John Bryden: Rural Change in a Northern & North-Western European Context. Keynote paper for the INRS-UCS Workshop on Peripheral Regions, University of Quebec at Montreal, October 2001

John Bryden: Multifunctionality and Rural Development – A European Perspective. Think Tank On Rural Development And Agriculture: Crossing The Divide. Ottawa, March 25th, 2002 and University of Guelph, March 28th, 2002

John Bryden. Rural Policy Changes in the EU. Congressional Rural Caucus, Washington DC, October 2002.

John Bryden. Rural Development Indicators and Diversity in the European Union. Keynote: USDA-ERS Conference on Measuring Rural Diversity, Washington DC Nov. 21-22, 2002

John Bryden: Rural Development Situation and Challenges in the EU-25. Keynote paper for the EU Rural Development Conference (PDF) : Planting Seeds for Rural Futures. Salzburg. Austria, November 2003. Keynote Speech, opening session (HTML)

John Bryden: Why Do Some Rural Economies ‘Do’ Better Than Others? Some Results of The European Research Project On The Dynamics Of Rural Areas (Dora). Keynote paper for the Fifth International Symposium on the FUTURE OF RURAL PEOPLES: Rural Economy, Healthy People, Environment, Rural Communities. Institute of Agricultural, Rural and Environmental Health, University of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. October 19-23 2003

John Bryden. What are sustainable rural communities, and how can they be promoted by policies? Lecture, Gibson Institute, Queens University Belfast. January 2005[Later published as No 1 in the Institute series]

John Bryden. Multifunctionality, Rural Development and EU Policy Adjustments. Policy Research Institute, MAFF, Tokyo Japan. February 2005

John Bryden: Horizontal Coordination at Local and Regional Levels. Keynote paper for the OECD Conference on Horizontal Coordination of Territorial Policies, Oaxaca Mexico, April 2005.

Bryden J. (2006) Special Focus on LEADER – From LEADER 1 to the LEADER Approach. LEADER MAGAZINE, Brussels.

Bryden, J., Refsgaard, K and Johnson, TG (2006) Multifunctional Agriculture and the New Rural Development Policy Paradigm in Europe. EAAE Seminar “Impacts of decoupling and cross compliance on agriculture in the enlarged EU” Prague, Czech Republic. September 22-23, 2006

Johnson, TG., Refsgaard, K., and Bryden, J (2006) The effects of multifunctionality on territorial rural development and quality of life: A systems approach. EAAE Seminar “Impacts of decoupling and cross compliance on agriculture in the enlarged EU” Prague, Czech Republic. September 22-23, 2006

Bryden, J M (2006) Changes in Rural Policy and Governance, The Broader Context.. Concluding Keynote, Nordic Policy Workshop, Nordregio, Stockholn, October.

Bryden, J., Refsgaard, K and Johnson, TG (2006b) Building a Systems Model to link Multifunctional Agriculture, Rural Economies, and Policies in Europe. Paper for the Joint Research Centre Workshop on Rural Typologies, and Modelling Approaches, Seville, December 2006.

Bryden, J., Refsgaard, K and Johnson, TG (2007) Towards a Policy Model of Multifunctional Agriculture and Rural development: Joining up Environment and Local Development. Presentation to the European Environment Agency, Copenhagen. February 2007.

Bryden JM and Bjørnsen, M(2009) The Rural Unemployment Situation in Norway, and Policy Responses to Date. Paper for the OECD Conference on the Regions in the Crisis. Paris March 30

Bryden JM (2009) Policies for Single Industry Towns in Rural Regions. Keynote for the OECD Rural Policy Conference, Quebec City, October.

Bryden, JM (2012) Greening: Renewable Energy. Contribution for the conference on Megatrends in the Arctic. Nordregio, Stockholm, May.

Bryden, JM (2012) Renewable Energy & Rural Innovation. Keynote. OECD Conference Linking Renewable Energy to Rural Development: Drivers and Constraints. Paris, OECD. June.

Bryden, JM (2012) Fiscal Challenges Facing Local Governments. Keynote for the pre conference workshop. OECD Conference on Rural Policies. Krasnoyarsk Russia, Sept-Oct, 2012.

Bryden JM., (2012) Innovation in Rural Regions. Keynote for the OECD Conference on Rural Policies. Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Sept-Oct 2012.

Bryden, John, Stig S. Gezelius. 2013. Innovation as if people mattered, paper presented at GLOBELICS conference, Ankara, Turkey 11-13 Sept 2013.

Bryden JM and Refsgaard K (2014) Grounded Rural Innovation. All Russia Forum, St Petersburg, October 2014.

Bryden, JM.,and Gezelius, S (2014) Innovation as if people mattered: Designing institutions for land based economic development, Paper presented at the Nordic Ruralities Conference, Trondheim 8. Sept.

Bryden JM (2015a). Opening speech – The Value of Comparative Policy Research. ICRPS/OECD Seminar on the Water, Energy, Food Nexus. Memphis, Tenessee. May 18.

Bryden JM (2015b) The Water Energy Food Nexus in the Arab Countries. ICRPS/OECD Seminar on the Water, Energy, Food Nexus. Memphis, Tennessee. May 18.

Bryden JM (2015c) Making the Bioeconomy Work for Rural Development: Some Nordic Experience. OECD Rural Policy Conference, Memphis Tennessee, May 2015.

Bryden JM (2015d) Contemporary Policy Issues arising from the research on Norway and Scotland since 1800. Seminar in the Scottish Parliament, May 26th.

Bryden JM (2015f) Innovation in the Nordic Bioeconomy, Rural Development and Rural-Urban linkages. Presentation at the NSPA-OECD Seminar, Oulu, Finland, June 13th.

Bryden JM (2015g) Bio-energy and Rural Development. AEBIOM Seminar on Renergising Rural Europe – the contribution of Biomass. Brussels, June 17th..

Bryden JM (2015h) (with Refsgaard, Kvakkestad, Prestvik) Towards Inclusive Innovation Praxis in Forest-based Bioenergy. Paper presented at the Globelics Conference, Cuba. September.

Bryden JM (2015i) Towards a new paradigm of innovation in the rural bioeconomy. Keynote for the Agrosym 2015 Conference, University of East  Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hertzogovina, Oct 15.

Bryden JM (2016) Causes and consequences of medium and long-term territorial inequalities in a European context, with a focus on rural regions.Paper presented at the International Conference on ‘Territorial Inequality and Development’ to held in Puebla, Mexico. January 25-27, 2016. Later published by RIMISP.

Bryden JM (2019) “The normative foundations of innovation and related pubic innovation policies with special reference to the Bioeconomy.”. Keynote paper presented at theUniversity of Hoheneheim, Stuttgart: Joint Research Workshop “The Normative Dimension of Transformations towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy” , September 13-14, 2019. Under revision in 2020 as a Journal Article.




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  3. Today I had an email about buying land in Africa, the Amazon etc, promising returns of 16% a year. It makes my blood boil! People should not allow their land (or other resources) to be sold to foreigners however much it is dressed up as ‘sustainability’, ‘agricultural development’ etc. The freedom of movement of capital has been and remains a curse on the world since liberalisation of the late 1970s and 80s, and the pressure on countries to open their land and mineral resources to outside investors is a disgrace! It shows (yet again) that the lessons of history are never learned, and all the work done on the damage wrecked on innocent people by smart international operators is buried in the flood of greed. You can find out more (from the people that sent me the email today) at

    Please protest!

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