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John Marshall Bryden *born 1941 Perth, Scotland

address: Kilehagen 8, 1430 Ås, Norway
mobile: 0047 450 18 420
: John Bryden

Research Professor, Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute, Oslo, Norway
Professor of Human Geography Emeritus, University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Professor Emeritus, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland
Honorary Fellow, Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI), USA
Honorary President, International Rural Network
Consultant on Territorial Rural Policy and Renewable Energy, OECD, Paris

BSc (Hons), Political Economy, University of Glasgow
Post-Graduate Scholarship, University of the West Indies
PhD Development Economics, University of East Anglia

2010   Visiting Fellow, Centre for Development Studies, Kerala, India

2004 – 2008   0.5 Professor and Director of the UHI Policy Institute, University of the Highlands and     Islands, Scotland

1995 – 2004   Chair of Human Geography, University of Aberdeen and Co-Director, The Arkleton Institute for Rural Research at the University of Aberdeen

2002   Visiting Scholar, Polson Institute for Global Studies, Cornell University, USA

2001   Visiting Fellow, Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI), Truman School of Public Policy, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

1994 – 1995   Winegard Visiting Professor, University of Guelph, Canada

1987 – 1990   Joint Director (with Susan Sechler, The Aspen Institute) Europe-North America Exchange Programme on Rural Policy Issues, 1987-1990, initiated jointly between the Arkleton Trust and the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies in Washington DC and funded by The Ford Foundation and USDA

1986 – 1993   Director, The Arkleton Trust (Rurtel) Ltd

1985 – 1994   Research Director, The Arkleton Trust (Research) Ltd

1981 – 2008   Programme Director, The Arkleton Trust, Oxford

1980   Consultant, Institute of Development Studies Mission to the Seychelles

1979 – 1980   Arkleton Trust Fellow, European Rural Development Policies

1972 – 1979   Head, Land Development Division, Highlands and Islands Development Board, Inverness, Scotland

1967 – 1972   Lecturer in Economics, Overseas Development Group, University of East Anglia

1968 – 1970   Regional Economic Advisor, British Development Division in the Caribbean, during which time seconded as Economic Advisor to Antigua, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands.

1965 – 1967   Economic Assistant, Economic Planning Staff, Ministry of Overseas Development, London

1965   Research Assistant, Tripartite Economic Survey of the Eastern Caribbean

1964 – 1965   Post-Graduate Scholarship, University of the West Indies


1970’s   Land, Agriculture and Rural Policy (HIDB)

1984   Farm Household Pluriactivity in Europe. DG Agri, European Commission

1989   Alternative Policy for Rural Scotland, Report for the Standing Commission on the Scottish Economy

1989   Policy on Rural Services, OECD Paris

1991   Regional/spatial planning and rural development in the European Community:
contribution to the Europe 2000   Project (DG-‘16)

1991   Keynote speaker, EU Rural Policy Conference, Inverness

1992   Rural Social Science Research in the European Community (ESRC)

1994   World Bank Team Chile: Rural Policy consultant

1996   Panel Member, EU Cork Conference on Rural Policy

1997 – 1999   External Assessor, Land Reform Policy Group, Government in Scotland

1997 – 1999   External Advisor, Cross-Departmental Group on Rural Policy, Scottish Government

1999   New approaches to rural policy in OECD countries. OECD, Paris

2004   Keynote on the Future of Rural Areas for the first session of the EU Rural Development Conference: Planting Rural Futures. Salzburg, Austria

2005 – 2006   Background research and writing for The New Rural Paradigm, OECD Paris

2010 – 2012   Expert, OECD Transnational Project on Renewable Energy as a Rural Development  Policy, Paris

CO-founder, International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Programme (ICRPS)

Director, Masters in Sustainable Rural Development and European Policy Stream, University of Aberdeen

Founding Committee, School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia

Developed and ran the first non-University email and computer conferencing system for NGOs and researchers in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and in Europe in 1986-1993 – ‘Rurtel’.

Member of the Advisory Board, Sociological Trends (India)

Expert, EDORA/ESPON project on Future Opportunities for Rural Regions, 2008-2010

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Foresight Analysis of Rural Areas of Europe (FARO),
EU Framework 6.

Affiliate member of The Open City Foundation (Brazil) and a Counsellor of the Open City International Scientific Council, 2008-.

Member, Scottish Rural Development Council, 2008 (resigned on move to Norway)

Secretary, Cross-Party Group on Rural Policy, Scottish Parliament, 2005-2008

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Rural Community Development

Member, Advisory and Consultative Group, European Wide Citizen’s Participation Pilot Project: European Citizens’ Panel: European Citizens Produce An Informed Say On The Roles Of Rural Areas In European Societies. AEIDL and Others, Brussels, 2006 – 2008.

Member, Rural Policy Stakeholders Group, Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department

Chairman (elected 2003) International Rural Network Board

Invited by the Higher Education Authority of Ireland to assist with Impact Assessments of the Programme on Research in Third Level Institutions (with professors Jonathan Gershuny, Essex, and Cora Marrett, Wisconsin) November 2003. Included site visits to the Institute for the Study of Social Change and the Urban Institute at University College Dublin.

Committee Member, New Opportunities Fund’s Scottish Land Fund. May 2000-2006

Member, International Advisory Committee, The Polson Institute for Global Studies, Cornell University, USA, 2001-

Member, International Advisory Council, Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, Canada, 2001 – 2005

Deputy-Chairman, Leirsinn Advisory Board, (Gaelic Research Centre, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, Skye,1997 – 2004

Member, Policy Advisory Board, Foundation for Polish Agriculture 1998 – 2003

Coordinator of final phase of  the Changing Farm Economies sub-programme, Joint Agriculture and Environment Programme (JAEP) of ESRC, NERC and ABRC, 1992 – 1993

Member, Research Centres Board, Economic and Social Research Council (UK), 1992 – 1995

KEYNOTE SPEAKER AT CONFERENCES (among others): Uppsala, London, Washington, Ottawa, Quebec, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nebraska, Missouri, Brazil, Cost Rica, Canberra, Paris, Dublin, Belfast, Edinburgh,  London, Inverness, Oslo, Salzburg, Finland (various), Budapest, Lubljiana, Seville, Lisbon, Athens, Rome, Copenhagen, Switzerland, Cairo, Tokyo.

INVITED LECTURER (among others): Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Swedish Agricultural University, University of Alberta, Agriculture Canada, Canadian Rural Secretariat, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, Arizona State University, Cornell University, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Guelph, Sussex University, Cambridge University, Bodo University College, Pondicherry University, Kerala University, Centre for Development Studies (Kerala), Saint Gits College of Management (Kerala), Deakin University, Edinburgh University.

1986 – 1992   Research Programme on Farm Structures and Household Pluriactivity in Europe (EEC, D-G 6: 1.8 million ECUs, ESRC and ESRC-JAEP (over £200,000)

1987 – 1990   Joint US-Europe Rural Policy Programme (with the Aspen Institute USA) funded by The Ford Foundation and USDA.

1990   New Ways of Managing Rural Services in Rural Areas of OECD Countries (OECD)

1993   Rural employment implications of new communications technologies in the European Union (EC – DG-13)

1993   Synthesis of Results and Policy Implications of the JAEP Changing Farm Economies (ESRC) Programme (ESRC)

1993 – 1994   Specific aspects of Rural Development Prospects and Scenarios in the EU for the Europe 2000 Plus Project (EU)

1994 – 1996   Rural Social Science Technical Cooperation Network (RUSSTIC) (EU RT&D Framework Programme: Human Capital & Mobility). Joint Country Coordinator.

1995 – 1997   Rural Social Science in the European Union Network (REAPER Concerted Action, EU Third Framework Programme on R T & D, AIR) Joint Coordinator.

1995 – 1996   Study of Community Participation in Rural Policy (for Scottish Office Central Research Unit)

1995 – 1996   Study of the Changing relationships between Agriculture and Rural Society in England (MAFF)

1995 – 1998 Co-ordination of the Joint Scotland-Scandinavia study of possible areas for co-operation in Information and Communications Technologies in Peripheral Areas (Scottish Office, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Nordic Council of Ministers)

1996 – 1998   Ex post Evaluation of the EU LEADER 1 Programme (CEMAC/EC)

1998   Best Practice in Co-operation between SMEs in Peripheral Areas of Scandinavia and Scotland on IT issues (Northern Peripheries Programme, Art.10 of ERDF)

1999   Review of WWF rural development projects in Europe (WWF)

1999   Differential performance in rural areas (DORA-EU Framework Programme FAIR: EUR 850k)

1999   Employment and Enterprise in rural areas (Scottish Office)

1999   Review of Rural Policy in Predominately Rural Areas (OECD

2000   PAIS I: Rural Data Needs in Europe (Eurostat/DG-Agri)

2001   How farmers and crofters in Caithness see present problems, and future prospects. The Queen Elizabeth Castle of Mey Trust 

2000   PAIS Stage 2 Rural Indicators (Eurostat/DG Agri/ Landsis, Luxembourg)

2005 – 2008   Towards a Policy Model of Multifunctional Agriculture and Rural Development  TOP-MARD (Coordinator: EU 6th Framework Programme STREP Project: 2.1m Euros)


1973   Tourism and Development. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1973.

1976   (with George Houston) Agrarian Change in the Scottish Highlands. Glasgow Series in Economic and Social Research 4. Martin Robertson.

1985   (with Bassand, M., Brugger, E., Friedmann, J., Stuckey, B., (eds) ) Self-Reliant Development for a New Europe: Theory, Practice, Conflicts. Gower Press.

1993   (with  C. Bell, J. Gilliatt, E. Hawkins and N. MacKinnon) Farm Household Adjustment in Western Europe 1987-1991. The Arkleton Trust (Research) Ltd. Published by EC Commission in its “Research Series” in 1993 in English and French.

1994   Towards Sustainable Rural Communities. Edited papers from the Winegard seminar series. Published in English and French. University of Guelph, Ontario. Later published in Japanese by the Rural Development Institute, Tokyo.

1996   Land Tenure and Rural Development. The 1996 John McEwen Lecture on Land Tenure in Scotland, September. Published by Rural Forum Scotland and AK Bell Library, Perth

1996   (with R Bollman). Rural Employment: an International Perspective. Oxford, CAB International.

1997   ( A M Fuller and W van den Bor) Re-thinking Rural Human Resource Management: The impact of globalisation and rural restructuring on rural education and training in Western Europe. NL Mansholt Institute, Mansholt Studies 10.

2004   (with Hart JK ) A New Approach to Rural Development in Europe: Germany, Greece, Scotland, Sweden. The Edwin Mellen Press.

2011   (with Efstratoglou, S., Johnson, TG., Ferenczi, T., Knickel, K.,  Refsgaard, K., Thomson, KJ. Eds.) Towards Sustainable Development in Rural Europe: Using System Dynamics to Explore the Relations between Farming, Environment, Regional Economies, and Quality of Life. New York,  Routledge

Selected book chapters
1979   Scottish Problems. Chapter in Seers, D et al (Eds) Core and Periphery in Europe. Harvester Press.

1985   Scottish Agriculture 1950-1980, Chapter in Saville, R (ed) : The Economic History of Modern Scotland, John Donald, Edinburgh.

1990   (with Scott, I ) The Celtic fringe: state-sponsored versus indigenous local development initiatives in Scotland and Ireland. Chapter 4 in Stohr, W B: Global Challenge and Local response: Initiatives for Economic Regeneration in Contemporary Europe. The United Nations University and Mansell Press.

1999   (with Dawe, SP) Competitive Advantage in the Rural Periphery: Re-defining the Global-Local Nexus  in Lithwick, H and Gradus, Y (1999) Developing Frontier Cities: Global Perspectives, Regional Contexts. Kluwer Academic Publishers, The Netherlands.

2000   (with Shucksmith, M ) The Concept of Sustainability in relation to agriculture and rural development in the European Union. In Van den Bor, Holen, Wals and Filo (eds.) Integrating Concepts of Sustainability into Education for Agriculture and Rural Development. Peter Lang, Frankfurt.

2000   (with Hart, JK) Land reform, planning and people: an issue of stewardship?  Chapter 7 in Holmes, G and Crofts, R (Eds) Scotland’s Environment: Resetting the Agenda?  Tuckwell Press.

2002   Aspects of individual farm development and rural development in Western Europe. In Sedik, David, ed., Individual Farms in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Rome, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN.

2006   (with R Storey) Editing and a Substantive Introduction of: Brox, Ottar: The Political Economy of Rural Development. Modernisation without centralization. Eburon, NL.

2008   Changes in Rural Policy and Governance, The Broader Context – Continuity or Transformation? Chapter in Copus A (ed) Perspectives on Rural Policies in the Nordic Countries – Nordregio, Stockholm, January.

2009   From an Agricultural to a Rural Policy in Europe: Changing Agriculture, Farm Households, Policies and Ideas. Chapter in Stewart, PJ and Strathern, AJ  Landscape, Heritage, and Conservation: Farming Issues in the European Union. University of Pittsburgh.

2009   (with Tom Johnson and Karen Refsgaard) Modelling Economic Systems. Chapter in Model-Based Approaches to Learning: Using Systems Models and Simulations to Improve Understanding and Problem Solving in Complex Domains, Editors Patrick Blumschein, Johannes Stroebel, Woei Hung & David Jonassen. Sense Publishers Rotterdam Netherlands.

2009   Future Challenges for Rural People in Europe and North America Chapter in Godfrey Baldacchino, Larry Felt and Rob Greenwood (eds)  Remote Control: Governance Lessons from and for Small, Insular and Remote Regions, St Johns Newfoundland: ISER Press, 2009.

2009   (with Refsgaard, K) TOP-MARD Problematique, Structure and Progress –the Case of Norway: Authors: John Bryden; Karen Refsgaard. In Piorr, A and Müller, K (eds) … Rural Landscapes and Agricultural Policies in Europe. Springer.

2010   (with Geisler C) Community-Based Land Reform: Lessons from Scotland and Reflections on Stewardship. Chapter for Davis, John Emmeus (Ed.)  The Community Land Trust Reader: Roots and Branches of the CLT Movement. The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Cambridge, MA).

2010   ‘Local Development’  in The Human Economy: A World Citizens Guide, edited by Keith Hart, Jean-Louis Laville and Antonio David Cattani. Polity Press, Cambridge. October.

2011   Rural Community Life in Twenty-First Century Scotland. Chapter in Fenton & Veitch (Eds) An Ethnography of Scotland. Vol 2. John Donald, Edinburgh

2011   (forthcoming) (with Warner, M) ‘Policy Affecting Rural People, Economies and Communities’: Chapter in  Rural Transformations and Rural Polices in the UK and US:  Edited by Mark Shucksmith, David L. Brown, Sally Shortall, Jo Vergunst and Mildred Warner. Routledge

2011   (forthcoming) (with Atterton, J. and Johnson, TG) ‘The Economies of Rural Areas in the UK and US’. Chapter in  Rural Transformations and Rural Polices in the UK and US:  Edited by Mark Shucksmith, David L. Brown, Sally Shortall, Jo Vergunst and Mildred Warner. Routledge.

2011   (forthcoming)  (With Bort, P) Local Government in Scotland. In Baviskar and A.N.Roy. Local Government in four Continents. ISS, Delhi, India.

Selected Journal articles
1971   (with Faber, M) Multiplying the Tourist Multiplier.  Social and Economic Studies,

1971   (with Belshaw, D.) Sugar Beet or Sugar Cane?  A Note. Journal of Agricultural Economics, May.

1977   Deer versus Sheep: A Model for analyzing the comparative value of deer and sheep farming in private and social terms.  Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. XXIX, No. 1, January 1977

1982   Agriculture and Regional Development in Europe:  A Case Study of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  Invited paper for the Third Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Belgrade, September 1981.  Published in Manchester Papers in Development (1982). A similar article also published  in European Review of Agricultural Economics, No 8 1981 475-497.

1982   Tourism Development – An Alternative Strategy.  Guest Opinion in The Traveller, Vol. 12, No. 2.

1987   Crofting in the European Context.  Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol. 103, No. 2.  1

1989   (with, Shucksmith, M.,  Rosenthal, P., Short, C., and Winter, M).  Pluriactivity, Farm Structures and Rural Change.  Journal of Agricultural Economics Vol. 40, No. 3.  September.

1989/1991   (with  Misener , B. Rurtel: A Rural Communications Network.  Some lessons from a 3-year pilot project.  Invited paper presented at European Seminar on Knowledge Management and Information Technology, Agricultural University of Wageningen, Netherlands, November 1989. Published in Kuiper, D and Roling, N G (Eds): The edited proceedings of the European Seminar on Knowledge Management and Information Technology, Agricultural University, Wageningen, 1991, and summarised in special issue of ‘Knowledge in Society’, 3(3) March 1991.

1991   (with N. Mackinnon, C.Bell, A.M. Fuller, M.Spearman) Pluriactivity, Structural Change and Farm Household Vulnerability in Western Europe. Sociologia Ruralis Vol 31 No 1.

1992   Rural Change and Rural Policy in the EC. Published in LEADER Magazine 2, AEIDL, Brussels.

1993   (with Hawkins, Gilliat and MacKinnon) Engagement in Agriculture 1987-1991: A West European Perspective. in Marsden & Flynn (Eds) ‘Servicing the City’, Journal of Rural Studies, Special Issue, Vol 9 No 3.

1993   Rural Problems.  Published in Parliamentary Briefs.

1994   Rural lifestyles and rural deprivation. Parliamentary Briefs, August.

1994   Prospects for Rural Areas in an enlarged European Union. in Thompson et al (eds). Proceedings of the 23rd seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Aberdeen, June-July 1994 and Journal of Rural Studies, IV.

1995   Scottish Agriculture 1950-1990. Scottish Tradition: Journal of the Canadian Association for Scottish Studies. Volume 20, pp 44-64.

1995   (with Bor, W van den and Fuller)  Rethinking higher agricultural education in a time of globalization and restructuring. European Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension. Vol 2, No 3, December.

1996   (with Mather A S.) The ‘rural’ White Paper – Rural Scotland: people, prosperity and partnership. Scottish Geographical Magazine Vol 112, No 2 pp114-116.

1997   (with Sproull, A., and Black J S) Telematics, rural economic development and SMEs: Some demand side evidence. Informationen zur  Raumentwicklung, Bonn. Special Issue on Rural Issues.

1997   Community Involvement and Rural Policy. Scottish Journal of Community Work

1997   European Rural Policies in the new Millennium. ECOS, Feb.

1999   (with Bollman, R.) Rural Employment in Industrialised Countries. Agricultural Economics, 1416 1-13.

2000   (with Munro, G M): New Approaches to Economic Development in Peripheral Rural Regions. Scottish Geographical Journal, 116(2), 1-14.

2000   (with Richards, C) Information Technology and Rural Development in the Scottish Highlands and Islands: A preliminary review of the issues and evidence. Geocarrefour:  Revue de Geographie de Lyon. Vol 75 No 1, 2000 – Information Technologies in Rural and Peripheral Areas: Regional Issues. (ISSN 0035-113X)

2004   (with Robertson A) Rural development and Food Policy in Europe. Eurohealth Vol 10 No 1 Spring.

2004 (with Colin Boylan (2004) Infusing pedagogy into place based education. Australia. SPERA Journal. (Australia)

2006   ‘From Leader 1 to Leader+ and beyond to the Leader axis’. Special Focus in the Leader+ Magazine, No 6.

2007   (with Geisler, C (2007) Land Reform and Community – a ‘new wave’ land reform? Land Use Policy

2007   The role of Higher Education Institutions in Rural Development. Volume 17 Number 1, of the Journal: EDUCATION IN RURAL AREAS (ERA). (Australia) pp 7-16

2011   (with Johnson, TG., Thomson, KJ., and Ferenczi, T)  Modelling Multifunctionality, Territorial Development, and Policy Scenarios in Rural Europe: An Alternative Perspective on CAP Reform Debates. Eurochoices.

2011   (forthcoming) Rural-Urban Equivalence and Human Rights. Sociological Trends, Vol 1. India.

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